Baba-Ahmed – “We Have Won Lagos” Regardless Of Tinubu

The vice presidential candidate for the Labour Party denied that there are slim chances of her winning the election.

The Labour Party’s vice presidential candidate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, is sure of winning in Lagos State, the state with the biggest number of registered voters, with the presidential election just over 96 hours away.

Lagos outnumbers Kano State’s 5.9 million registered voters, coming in second place with nearly seven million eligible voters.

When predicting the results of the election, Baba-Ahmed did not think twice to minimize the impact of Bola Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos and presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“With God’s grace, we have won Lagos, regardless of Tinubu’s presence there. During a live appearance on Tuesday’s episode of The 2023 Verdict on Channels Television, the entrepreneur questioned whether they would go out and share the word about the voters.

Even while he acknowledged that Kaduna is an “APC state,” he claimed it comes under “our category,” making it easy for him to win.

He said, “Kaduna is category A throughout the entire North-West.”

When asked which states present a challenge, Baba-Ahmed responded, “Of course Yobe [and] Zamfara. Those two are terrific pals.

The former senator disagreed with the premise that his chances of winning the election are slim.

“That makes sense. With the help of the Labour Party, numerous things in Nigeria are currently occurring. The Party chairman, candidate, and I are the only three people born after independence.

“Here, I’m losing my modesty. He has a legitimate degree, which others are unable to demonstrate. I am aware that Kwankwaso claims to hold a Doctorate, but I don’t make a show of having one or even two master’s degrees.

By the special grace of the all-powerful Allah, who bestows power, the Labour Party has a high chance of winning the 2023 elections due to other people’s errors, he claimed.

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