Sell Your PVC And Buy Poverty – The Christian Council Warns

Nigerians have been forewarned that if they try to sell their conscience, their Permanent Voters Cards, or PVCs, will undoubtedly turn into Poverty Validation Cards for them and their generation because the meager sum they receive from the sale of their PVCs can only be used to purchase poverty, hopelessness, and sorrow.

In a press release made available to newsmen in Owerri yesterday, David O. C. Onuoha, President of the Christian Council of Nigeria, made this request.

To ensure that their future is safe and secure, Onuoha urged Nigerian youngsters to actively lead the process for a legitimate election.

The election this weekend, he told the youth, is “very vital because it contains the key to the peace, progress, and prosperity that Nigeria badly needs to go forward.”

Onuoha, who also serves as the Anglican Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, stated: “If we don’t get it right, this election might send the country into a downward spiral of agony, grief, and sorrow. We are free to choose. “The stage is ready for the holding of the Presidential and National Assembly elections,” says the president of Nigeria, “and in a few days, Nigeria will have a date with history.”

The CCN President expressed his opinion that it is up to the electorate to turn out on February 25 to exercise their right to vote and to choose their leaders for the ensuing four years while also pleading with the electoral umpire to conduct an election that will live up to the expectations of both the local and international communities.

According to him, citizens’ PVCs provide them the authority to restore Nigeria’s functioning. It is the weapon we have to choose who will run this country’s affairs for the next four years.

“Using it efficiently without any temptation, coercion, or primal influence will undoubtedly bring in the Nigeria of our dreams, where love, peace, progress, equity, justice, and fairness reign and life has a purpose.”

“Now is the appropriate time to make a difference and a change, if they are tired of unemployment, dissatisfaction, helplessness, and hopelessness,” he said. It should not be considered to work to scuttle the election by encouraging unease in any way, shape, or form or to perform odd tasks for displeased politicians.

Instead, young people should band together to form a powerful citizen army to support and defend the integrity of this election in a calm and supportive environment.

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