FOMWAN: Muslim Women Applaud Tinubu And Shettima, Seeks A 50% Increase In Political Appointments

Bola Tinubu, the incoming president, and Senator Kashim Shettima, his running mate, have received congratulations from the Federation of Muslim Women Association of Nigeria (FOMWAN) on winning the election on February 25.

This information may be found in a statement that the organization released on Sunday in support of Rafiah Sanni, it’s National Amirah.

The group also commended the Independent National Electoral Commission, or INEC, for conducting the polls with such success.

It invited all political parties and candidates who were dissatisfied with the election’s results to file lawsuits in the appropriate courts of law.

Politicians were urged by FOMWAN to refrain from making remarks that would incite unrest in the nation.

To show their thanks for their support throughout the campaigns and elections, the organization encouraged the Tinubu/Shettima administration to take into consideration allocating 50% of appointments to women.

The tiny number of seats won by women in the state and national assemblies, as well as their lack of representation in cabinet nominations, show that the Nigerian political system has not been fair to women, the group claims.

Women should be better represented in politics and decision-making, according to FOMWAN, because they have made major contributions to fostering democracy in the nation. It pleaded with the President-elect to make a difference by making sure that qualified women from all backgrounds and religions were considered for positions.

Also, FOMWAN recommended the President-elect explore policies that would lessen the current hardship that citizens are experiencing and conduct an open-door administration.

The group urged the Tinubu/Shettima to carry out their campaign commitments to improve the nation, arguing that failure to do so violates Islamic law.

Regardless of culture, religion, or class, it asked Nigerians to give the Tinubu/Shettima administration the benefit of the doubt.

It urged Nigerians to pray for them and ask Almighty Allah to guard and guide the country’s new leaders to the right course toward good governance.

FOMWAN also promised to provide the incoming leadership with unwavering moral and spiritual support.

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