CNG Congratulates Tinubu And Calls The Letter From Obasanjo Diabolical

The Coalition of Northern Groups, CNG, sent congratulations to Bola Ahmed Tinubu, president-elect of the All Progressives Congress, and Kashim Shettima, vice president-elect, on Thursday.

The group also called a letter submitted by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president of Nigeria, “satanic.”

In Abuja, the CNG’s spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, read a prepared message on the group’s behalf and encouraged Tinubu to honor his word and address the nation’s economic and security problems.

He continued, “In particular, we congratulate the newly elected President and remind him that Nigerian voters trusted him to lead them in the hope of a leadership that will make them more safe and provides their kids a prosperous future.

Thus, we implore him to lead an open, inclusive government and to be magnanimous in triumph by bringing everyone along, regardless of tribe, religion, geography, or political allegiance. We admire the new president’s maturity and modesty, which were evident in his acceptance speech.

“We implore him to keep to his promise of being just to all regions of the nation in terms of the distribution of federal projects and to exercise caution in putting together the team that will help him in the task of leading our country into a future in which we will live in safety and pursue livelihoods in a united, strong, prosperous Nigeria whose resources will be protected by leaders.

The CNG responded to Obasanjo’s letter by saying, “We also admire the way Nigerians avoided the temptation in the diabolical letter of Obasanjo aimed to provoke people to violence and chaos and instead chose to provide a verdict for peace and harmony.

“To denounce with all our strength Obasanjo’s irrational invention, which has the potential to provoke public disturbance and seeks to ignite a civil war to further his political interests in one candidate. “Obasanjo should be aware that he has long since abandoned any pretense of patriotism and statesmanship and has evolved into a powerful destabilizing force. “We believe that Obasanjo has fully stripped himself of any remaining integrity with this most recent action, and the authorities should move to revoke any national honors bestowed upon him, including the GCON.”

The organization also urged the judiciary to resolve electoral issues fairly when they were brought before them for resolution.

The Southeast was the location of some vote-rigging, according to CNG, who said that they will respond accordingly in future elections.

“One of the lessons is that while the North, in its customary accommodating spirit and democratic tolerance, was able to play decent politics that allowed all candidates of the four major parties to secure significantly, and in some cases majority votes across northern Nigerian states, the situation was drastically different in particular the South-east where votes were manipulated and confined solely for their son,” the group stated.

“In this regard, and for the avoidance of dispute, the message has been heard loud and clear, and the North shall pay a coin for coin in any elections that may be held now or in the future.

“Finally, the CNG reiterates its commitment to its ideals of never lowering the standard when the interests of the North, Nigeria’s unity and security, or the welfare of its citizens are at stake.”

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