Bode George – There’s Plan To Kill Lagos LP Governor Candidate Rhodes-Vivour

The leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bode George, claims that a plot to assassinate Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour before the Lagos governorship election on March 11 begins.

At a press conference for the media on Monday at his Ikoyi office, George made the statement.

Sen. Kofoworola Buknor-Akerele, a former deputy governor of Lagos State, as well as Chief Onikepo Oshodi and Dr. Lai Ogunbambi, were present at the media briefing.

At the conference, George continued by stating that Lagosians would not tolerate a recurrence of the 2007 general election-related murder of former PDP governorship candidate Engr. Funsho Williams.

As a legitimate resident of Lagos, he claimed that the issue he was raising had nothing to do with politics. He said, “We wish to inform Nigerians about the heinous plan, to secretly eliminate the Labour Party governorship candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the latest move by the Lagos occupiers, to take him out of circulation before the election on Saturday.

“We, hereby, warn that Nigerians should know who to hold if anything were to happen to this dynamic genuine Lagosian, who fate has thrown up to free our dear state from the clutches of marauders,” they said.

The PDP leader urged Lagosians to avoid “divisive politics of annihilation” and cast their ballots in huge numbers for the LP candidate on March 11.

Threats are being made against people who are thought to be willing to vote against the status quo, and as we speak, there are huge plans to irritate the peaceful Nigerians who are determined to effect change through the ballot box on Saturday, he added. “We, the Omo Eko Pataki, declare that this action is the most terrible crime against humanity committed in the twenty-first century and we condemn it wholeheartedly.

“We condemn this divisive politics that seeks to sow chaos and incite the populace’s wrath by destroying innocent Nigerians. We would like to remind any non-Lagosians working for the state government of Lagos that Nigerians have coexisted peacefully regardless of the political party in power.

“We likewise urge Lagos’ electorate to turn out in large numbers on Saturday to cast their ballots against the looting that has plagued our rich state for more than 20 years, as adequate protection will be provided to everyone exercising their civic duty.

“We also urge INEC to ensure the deployment of a transformational BVAS regime to increase transparency and replace the antiquated method used on February 25 in which result sheets had to be manually transferred from voting places.

“24 hours in politics is a very long time,” says someone. “People are talking at different levels, from Abuja to local government, because everyone realizes that the electorate is larger than the party loyalists who hold your party cards.”

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