Sanwo-Olu Donates N100m To Those Affected By The Akere Market Fire

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu gave N100 million to traders whose goods were destroyed in fires at the Akere Motor Parts and Allied Dealers Association, AMPADA, Olodi-Apapa, and Ajegunle locations in the state’s Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area.

In Akere, Sanwo-Olu also created the framework for a brand-new market for narrative construction.

When he led a delegation to conduct an on-site evaluation of the location, the governor announced the donation.

Sanwo-Olu claimed that the action was taken as part of an effort to ease the suffering of the victims who had lost possessions, money, and other assets worth millions in the fire.

When the governor visited with the victims of the fire, he expressed his sorrow and promised to help the traders make up for their loss.

One person was said to have been killed and the market set on fire as a result of sporadic shooting by some unidentified individuals.

The governor expressed sympathy to the relatives of the dead and pledged support for the funeral of the deceased.

“We pledged to return here a week or less ago to provide urgent support to the folks who were touched by the sad tragedy,” he stated.

It’s just a coincidence that it’s election season; this isn’t politics. I’m pleased to be present to lay the building’s foundation.

“Now that it’s a storey building, the tiny recompense would lessen the pain and loss experienced by our dealers here. It is up to us to state unequivocally that we are not concerned with racial or religious conflict; rather, we are a people-centered administration seeking to improve conditions for all citizens, regardless of political affiliation or origin.

“They will always be accommodated as long as they are law-abiding, conform to rules governing the environment, and respect the heritage of where they do business.”

Avoid politicizing the fire event, says the group

The National Coordinator of NATT 2023, Mr. Vincent Uba, said yesterday at a news conference in Lagos that it makes sense in theory to attribute the fire to the state government.

The governor is aware of and grateful for the economic advantages of international traders and other company owners in Lagos, according to Uba.

“For this reason, he has given all types of traders, regardless of tribe or religion, a favorable climate, incentives, and equal playing field throughout his first four-year mandate.

What advantage would burning down this market, or any other market, have for him, his supporters, or anyone else for that matter? However, a catastrophe of this magnitude would be a setback for the state since it would lose the domestic money derived from the market.

By allowing Bola Tinubu to complete what he has begun, voting for Sanwo-Olu would ensure that the growth chain of contemporary Lagos that he established is not disrupted.

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