Elections In 10 Polling Places In VGC, Lagos State Have Been Postponed by INEC

  • Elections will now take place by 08:30 am on Sunday in the impacted voting units, according to INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner Segun Agbaje.

The gubernatorial and state assembly elections scheduled for this Saturday in 10 polling places in Victoria Garden City (VGC) near the Lekki region of the state have been postponed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Segun Agbaje, the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner, made the declaration while speaking to reporters at the VGC.

He claimed that on Saturday, the corps members who had been assigned as ad hoc employees were reluctant to approach the VGC estate because they believed they had been held captive during the Presidential and National Assembly elections on February 25.

According to Agbaje, the commission’s ad hoc staff had voting materials put up in front of the estate on Saturday, but the inhabitants of the estate complained that hoodlums might interfere with the election, making them feel unsafe and preventing them from voting.

He claimed that it was difficult for security personnel to control the situation, which is why he and his crew had to travel to the region.

He said, “We have eight polling places here with 6,024 registered voters, of which 5,624 have their PVCs.” He also said that two other polling places near the estate’s main entrance were also impacted. There are two outside and eight here (in the estate).

“After proper consideration, the national headquarters has instructed us to remobilize here on Sunday morning at 8:00 to perform the polls. We’ll meet back here at 8:00 AM on Sunday.

According to Agbaje, the estate’s head of the security committee gave the commission assurances on the security of corps members, INEC employees, and voters.

Affected voting units include PUs 032, 033, and 119–124.

ADC’s candidate for governor, Tunde Doherty, criticized INEC for the poor planning, calling the situation “unfortunate,” since his polling place is in the VGC.

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