Toxic relationships are damaging, unhealthy relationships between two people.

They often involve one partner trying to control the other, whether through emotional manipulation or physical abuse.

These relationships can be emotionally, mentally, and even physically damaging.

The warning signs of a toxic relationship include: a lack of trust, communication breakdowns, jealousy, aggression, and manipulation. One partner may attempt to control the other through criticism and insults, as well as guilt, shame, and humiliation. In addition, one partner may try to isolate the other from friends and family, or limit them in other ways. It is important to recognize the warning signs of a toxic relationship and take steps to end the relationship if necessary.

Seek out professional help to rebuild self-esteem and learn healthy coping skills. It is also important to establish boundaries and learn to recognize when one’s own behavior is unhealthy and destructive.

No one should ever feel trapped in a toxic relationship. Every person deserves to be in a safe, supportive, and healthy relationship.

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