Kenyan Pastor Who Claims To Be Jesus Runs To The Police As People Vow To Crucify Him This Easter To Rise On The 3rd Day

After learning of the evil scheme being carried out by the neighborhood where he does his evangelism, a Kenyan preacher who identified himself as Jesus Christ urged the police to keep him safe.

The preacher claimed that Bungoma (yesu wa Tongaren) community members had pledged to crucified him on Easter in a manner similar to how the son of God had been executed.

After learning that Bungoma residents had seen him want to be killed on Easter in the same way as Jesus was, the self-styled Jesus Christ reported the event to the police.

The man of God was reportedly reassured by community members that if he is the Messiah, he will rise on the third day and go to heaven following his crucifixion and that he shouldn’t fear for his life.

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