Nigerian President-Elect According To INEC, Bola Tinubu Travels To Europe For Medical Care After Falling Ill Over Election Buildup

Bola Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos State and, according to the INEC, Nigeria’s “president-elect,” is traveling to Europe to receive medical attention after becoming ill.

According to reports, Tinubu became unwell as a result of the “hectic” campaigning that resulted in his designation as the “President-elect” and the tension that developed prior to the March 18 Lagos State gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections, in which he also cast his ballot.

On Wednesday, credible sources reported that Tinubu had departed for Europe on Tuesday evening.

“Tinubu has departed for medical treatment in Europe. He became unwell after casting his ballot in the Lagos governor’s race on Saturday. He was treated by local doctors, but he now travels to Europe for proper medical care, according to one of his close friends.

“At first, he claimed that his doctors should be flown into Nigeria for him and that he would depart when circumstances calmed down. But I can confirm that he left Tuesday night because he is unquestionably sick,” a second person said.

“Air flight tracking websites are unable to track his Falcon 9X with the registration number VP-CBT.”

According to the owner/desire, operator’s this aircraft (VP-CBT) is not trackable by the general public.

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