Obtain Law Degree Or Risk Losing Your Jobs – Nasarawa State Assembly Warns Local Court Judges

Judges in Nasarawa State’s local courts who lack law degrees have been warned they must complete the necessary coursework within 10 years or face losing their employment.

Wednesday’s discussion of a report by the committee on judicial, ethics, and privileges on a bill to change the Nasarawa Area Courts Law 2022 featured remarks by Ibrahim Abdullahi, speaker of the state assembly.

For fear of this, he explained, “according to the principal law, if it is implemented it will lay off some staff of the judiciary, hence the need to amend the principal law.”

The primary law stipulates that in order to serve as an upper area court judge, a lawyer must have at least four years of post-call experience.

And you must have worked as a lawyer for at least three years after being called to the bar in order to serve as a judge of an area court. The impacted workers should be given a window of 10 years to enroll in a law degree program in order to be admitted to the bar so they can fit in, according to the committee’s strong suggestion.

The third reading of the bill was set for May 9 by the speaker.

Abel Bala, a house member, seconded Tanko Tunga’s motion for the adoption of the report. Tunga is the majority leader of the house.

The report was approved by the entire house.

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