House Of Representatives Speak On Receiving $15m To Approve Buhari’s Loan Request

Recent allegations that the House of Representatives had received a sizeable sum of $15 million from the executive branch have been unequivocally rejected by the body.

According to GISTNGR, the claims suggested that the funds were used to try to get the request to restructure N22.7 trillion in ways and means advances approved.

This newspaper had previously reported that President Muhammadu Buhari has requested permission from the House to restructure the sizeable loan he had received from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Benjamin Kalu, the spokeman for the House, however, pronounced the accusations to be completely untrue, unsubstantiated, and devoid of any foundation in a statement released on Friday.

“As elected officials, our decisions and actions are always guided by the best interests of the public,” Kalu emphasized. It is significant to remember that the House had temporarily postponed approving the executive’s proposal in accordance with the suggestions made by the pertinent committees. These committees demanded more interaction with the executive in order to facilitate an in-depth examination and careful consideration of the public interventions for which the executive had set aside the aforementioned request.

In particular, at this crucial time when lawmakers are engrossed in the political competition for the top positions in the upcoming 10th National Assembly, “we implore the media to exercise restraint and desist from disseminating unfounded allegations that have the potential to tarnish the reputation of public institutions and individuals.”

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